Thrifty Thursday

If you know me at all, you know that I HATE paying full price for things. I wouldn’t classify myself as cheap, but I never pay full price without searching for coupons and discount codes. Dave and I have a once a month Dairy Queen date because of a regular buy one/get one free coupon we get in the mail…no shame. But as much as I’d love to be as amazing as those people you see on TV with their crazy coupon deals, I just can’t get the hang of it. It’s a whole job, collecting and organizing and using coupons. In my early attempts I came home with about 5 lifetimes worth of mustard and, rightfully so, Dave told me I was probably doing something wrong. Oops…

Often, I find myself saying “I could make that for so much cheaper!” and then it’s a matter of time. Factor in a crawling 9 month old baby and suddently time to sit down, start, and complete something becomes slim to none. Luckily for me, this project was super quick and easy.  I hated that my makeup brushes were in my makeup bag and always getting tossed around and kind of dirty. I wanted a home for them on the bathroom counter so they weren’t just laying around and didn’t feel like buying anything, so I was off to start.

 Let me start by saying that I like Talenti Gelato. Maybe love it. Ok, ok…I’m slightly obsessed. If there was a taste testing job for them I think I’d do almost anything to get it. Moving on… I also have a fascination for jars. It’s becoming very clear that I’m “such a teacher,” isn’t it? Talenti pint jars are perfect for reusing becuase they are such a sturdy plastic and clear. I polished off my Tahitian Vanilla gelato and got to work.

Finishing the ice cream. Such hard work (*cough*yeahright*cough*)

Next, dig out your acetone

Use cotton balls/tissue/paper towel to wash the jar in acetone.
Give it a good wipe down to get all of the label off. Rinse with warm soapy water when done to clean off.

– Fill your clean jar with rice
(I used regular white rice, something I always have on hand)

I had just cleaned my brushes so I had to take a nice photo of them

 Organize your brushes in your new DIY holder!

See how easy?! And really, only the cost of your ice cream which is minimal <– perfect for a penny pincher like myself! If you have any other fabulous ideas for how to reuse a Talenti jars, leave a comment and let me know!


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