New Name, New Website, & a Giveaway!

Hello from my new site, Glitter & Goldfish! After realizing my blog was on, quite possibly, the least user friendly site around, I’ve finally finished the arduous task of moving over all my previous blog posts to their new home. The user friendliness rating tanked even more (as if that was possible) when they had zero options to move over posts electronically and the only options given were copy/paste. So, I pulled up my big girl pants leggings and got to work. I even bought the domain this time; I’m so fancy! Just kidding. It’s 2pm and I just got dressed…don’t judge.

If you read any of my other posts, you probably notice that I went from The Crafty Momma to Glitter & Goldfish. Two reasons. One, I have a thing for alliteration. Maybe it’s my Type A nature or the fact that I was a teacher, but I just like it. Two, the more I wrote, or wanted to write, the more I realized that motherhood trumps most things and there isn’t always time for crafts (ouch, that hurt to say).  I want this place now to be a space where I can tell you about my projects (glitter) and where I can, depending on the day, show off or complain about my kids (goldfish). Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

How many of you just skimmed until now where you found the word giveaway? I see you. It’s fine though, just promise to come back and read once and awhile, ok? I’m going to be posting much more now that my site is hosted on an amazingly easy-to-use platform, unlike before. I would want to write before and then just not want to deal with process of it all…not anymore, folks! Anyway. I have felt STRESS lately. Like, major holiday and Christmas anxiety and it’s not even December yet. Between my baby learning how to crawl and making sure he doesn’t kill himself, to figuring out how to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal, to wanting the house perfectly clean and decorated in seasonally appropriate decor, I’ve just about burned myself down to nothing. My guess is there are lots of other mommas who are feeling pretty similar. The other day I was at the Starbucks drive through and someone in front of me bought my drink. I was so grateful I literally sat in the parking lot and cried for a moment before I could leave. So, in the spirit of the season and hoping that I can, at the very least, help someone else feel the same happiness, I want to choose 2 people to email a Starbucks gift card to. I’m on a budget so they’ll be small, but enough to take yourself out before you sit down with a book or wander around Target and de-stress a bit as the holiday season kicks into full gear.

-> To enter the giveaway: Leave a comment below with one thing you can show yourself a little grace with as the holidays are upon us.

While not totally necessary, I’d also love and appreciate if you followed my blog to be alerted to new posts as they come out!
**I’ll use a random generator to choose 2 winners on Thursday morning (12/1/16) to receive a Starbucks giftcard, emailed to them from me. I’ll close commenting at 10am, Mountain (Arizona) time.



24 thoughts on “New Name, New Website, & a Giveaway!

  1. Jill pierce says:

    My grace comes in the form of having these grand expectations of myself to create crafts and activities all month long. I need show myself some grace and to step back and let my children guide the Christmas season.


    • Courtney says:

      So much yes. I need to take a serious step away from Pinterest and just acknowledge that this season with a toddler and an infant is hard enough.

      And YAY!! You’re my 2nd gift card winner! 🙂 I’ll be emailing you your gift card as soon as I finish posting on the comments!


  2. alphabetresolutions says:

    Congrats on the upgrade/ welcome to wordpress!! I was SO happy when I made the switch 🙂
    This year I’m giving myself lots of grace/leeway with Christmas cards. WE didn’t get professional photos done, we aren’t sending out as many, and the ones we will send out will be a little later than usual and won’t have the traditional Christmas letter that goes with it. We figure we’ll make up for it next year and avoid the stress this year of being 8 months pregnant and wrangling a toddler for photos!


  3. Tiffany Huisman says:

    I typically have my Christmas cards ready to mail…the day after Thanksgiving. I haven’t even chosen a photo yet…BBBBAAAAAHHHHHH! #graceneeded


  4. Shannel Ball says:

    I didn’t just skim! I don’t read blogs too often, but when I do, I give them my full attention. 🙂
    I’ll admit, I never read your previous, because I’m not a crafty mom. Call it lazy, call it busy (working mom with sahm duties it feels like). I’ve even considered my own blog. I always just worry about the whole online presence thing, and oversharing.

    My grace has started before the holiday season, but it’s to work on not taking on so much of the household by myself. I’m also a Type A, which as I’m sure you know, means we take so much onto ourselves because we don’t trust others to do it right. But my grace has to myself has been to actually ask for help when needed. It’s a kick to the pride sometimes, but it’s also a necessity when we can finally admit it.


  5. Erica says:

    We’re hosting Xmas eve for my husband’s side for the 1st time since having kids. I hat asking for help or even accepting it. With a 3 year old and 8 month old I definitely need to make myself step back and accept I can’t do it all on my own.


  6. Kati Edwards says:

    Congratulations on the new Domain! How exciting! I am giving myself a little grace when it comes to my Christmas tree! Every year I decorate the tree to the T. Fluffing takes a few days alone, then extra lights, tulle and beads. All of that before a single ornament graces it’s branches. Obviously my 5 and 2 year old didn’t think that was a great idea at all. Sooo fluff, lights, beads, tulle and ornaments all happened in one night. Of course, the top half of original lights went out two days later. I’m over it. #Newtreefor2017


    • Courtney says:

      Noooo!! Girl, I hear you. Our fake, prelit tree is up. Zero decorations so far. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t, haha!

      You’re my first gift card winner!! I’ll be emailing it to you asap…YAY!! 🙂


  7. Shelley says:

    Love the new name! It is very fitting😀. I am giving myself grace when it comes to Christmas baking. Every year i make big snack trays for all the neighbours. Umm…i have 2 toddlers…unless they want goldfish or nutella, quite possibly put together, it ain’t happening!


    • Courtney says:

      Oh gosh yes…Caitlin loves when I bake. She also loves to stick her hands right in and eat the dough. I’m reserving our baking for family only right now since they (probably) won’t mind an extra toddler hand or two 😉


  8. Kasey says:

    My grace is to take a little more time to myself. My husband has been gone a lot in the evenings with work and school, so that leaves me to take care of Maebelle by myself most nights when I have worked all day. And I’m 11 weeks pregnant! So I will try to ask for help more often whether that comes from my husband, mom, best friend…. whoever! I need to get past my tendency to do it all myself and take time to enjoy being me. 🙂

    Great post, and I like the new name!


    • Courtney says:

      Thank you so much! I’m the same way, I just like to get it all done myself. It’s just not possible now with the kiddos. Allowing ourselves to accept it is usually the hardest part ❤


  9. kortneyanderson says:

    How exiting, congratulations!
    So I always seem to go overt the top at Christmas time. I’m always trying to one-up myself and stress endlessly about what THE perfect gifts will be for my loved ones.
    This year, my husband and I aren’t getting each other anything, we got our children one big present and stocking stuffers, and have defied we’re staying home in our pjs watching Christmas movies all day.
    I CANT WAIT. This is the least stressed I’ve felt about Christmas in a long time.

    Can’t wait to read more of your blog posts! 😁


    • Courtney says:

      That sounds so amazing; good for you guys! Not worrying about the gifts and just spending the time together is what it’s all about, it’s just so hard not to stress over!


  10. Shelbi O'Connor says:

    Courtney! How did I not know about this blog until now? I am actually angry!!! I will be following along from here on out!

    My daughter’s birthday is December 12th and with December already being a crazy month I am going to try to let go and relax a little. (Who am I kidding?) grace needed!


  11. Erica Martin says:

    This year it’s going to be the advent calendar. I used to make little cards to fill each day with sometning to do–bake cookies, make an ornament, etc. Now with a baby plus the six year old and two businesses, I’m not going to do it. I’ll still do the little things when we can, or the ones that are mpat meaningful, but I won’t be fixated to a schedule and feel bad for not getting it or done. Now I won’t feel obligated to enjoy it!


  12. Julie Giaquinta says:

    I love blogs, totally going to follow you! I wish I knew sooner. Grace. ..I host Christmas eve for both sides of our fault. I need grace on allowing things to not be perfect and to not feel pressure to keep Luke awake or delay nursing. He’s priority and I learned quickly that others will try to put speed bumps in that at holidays! Eek.


    • Courtney says:

      Some of those first holidays with my oldest were the hardest. You want it to be perfect but you know you need time to nurse or get them down for a nap or just have some quiet time and don’t know how to make it all happen. It’s a hard balance but you know your sweet babe the best and what he needs and when. Deep breath, it’ll be ok ❤


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