Dear Momma

Yesterday my husband offered some time out of the house and even mentioned getting my nails done. If you blinked, you probably missed me grabbing my things and getting out the door. As hard as it is leaving my little pumpkin behind, I know she needs alone time with Daddy and it’s good for me to recharge. I chose to go get my nails done at the suggestion of Dave (he’s definitely a keeper, have I mentioned that?!) and found myself making small talk with the nail tech and poking around on my phone. Then I heard a little girl walk in…

To the momma who was getting a pedicure,

 Thank you for bringing your little girl with you. She was adorable and I’m sorry if I was a creeper watching the two of you and smiling at your sweet interactions. You don’t even know you did anything, but you gave me hope for the future.

You see, I have been afraid of my own little girl growing up. So afraid. Silly, right? You don’t have children for them to stay babies forever, but my baby is just so perfect that I have feared each new step and lamented each stage that has ended. I despise packing away clothes that are too small for her. We just bought her first pair of real shoes. What happened to my sweet girl who rolled on the floor all day and wasn’t ready to stand and walk? How did it all happen so fast?! I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital a couple weeks ago! Somehow, we are already planning her first birthday party.

My husband and I constantly talk about her ever changing personality. He can’t wait until she can talk and hang out with him, while I fear it as I worry it means she won’t be my little girl anymore. Each time I say that, he calmly tells me that she’s going to be my little girl forever. Deep down I know he’s right, but I still worry. She won’t like me as much. I will have to discipline her. We won’t agree with one another. I won’t be the funniest person in the world anymore. So, watching you and your little girl getting pedicures together showed me how much fun I’m in store for. I overheard you telling someone your daughter was 4. She watched everything with such adoration and excitement, including you. She reminded me so much of my little girl. As soon as your phone came out, she asked for a picture and the two of you took a selfie together. Actually, you took many selfies together! Her smile was huge and it was clear she was on top of the world to be out and about getting pampered with her momma. She was so excited about her glitter nail polish that she couldn’t decide if she wanted it on her fingers or her toes.

 I know all of this seems so trivial, but I guess I never thought of the fun things like nail dates I can take when baby C grows up. I’ve just been sad that she’ll get older. I’ve been looking in the rearview mirror instead of the windshield. After watching the two of you on your date, I’m actually excited for my girl to grow up…although she can take her sweet time in doing so 😉 One day that’ll be us sitting in those chairs, taking selfies and having fun together. Thank you for showing me a tiny glimpse of what’s in store for us.


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